Technology and know-how to stay ahead!
We produce high-quality products, Based on outstanding design and skilled skills

Greetings from CEO


Technology and know-how to stay ahead!
Dooil TPS Inc. will be with you.

Since its establishment in 1993, Dooil TPS has grown into a leader in the real-life industry with constant challenges and enthusiasm.
By providing stable products based in Vietnam and China factories, we contribute to the improvement of competitiveness as well as the national economy. We are also responsible for the development of Korea’s packaging industry through continuous R&D and technological innovation. We will continue to expand our business capabilities based on accumulated technologies and prepare for future growth through bold investments in new business.

Under the catchphrase of ”A company who prepares for the future, a company that grows together,” we promise to be a company that will evolve with new value creation.
Thank you