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  • Second first year of the Establishment 2011~ Founded and operated Vietnam Dooil TPS
    Registration of NEW GAMBO patent
    Awarded with $5 million top export award
    Registration of NET BAFFLE BAG patent
    Certification of ISO 9001:2009 / ISO 9001:2008
    OS (OCTA SQUARE) bag product development and patent application
  • New start as a comprehensive packaging company 2009~2010 Changed company name to Dooil TPS Inc.
    Registered as a venture company
    Product development and patent application of Flex Cube Bag
    Established research institute
  • Establishment of international status 2002~2008 Established local subsidiary U.S. CHOISPOOL USA
    MASTER LICENSE agreement with Netherland’s GAMBO
    ISO 144001 accreditation (licquor factory)
    Established and operated Gaomi Douyi Plastic
  • Establishement of 100-year company 1993~2001 Established Dooil Industry in 1993
    Established as trade business
    Awarded with million dollar top export (president)
    Certified as a promising small to medium scale company in Gyeonggi Province (Gyeonggi Province Governer)
    Gyeonggi Province Sponsored Contest (Gyeonggi Province Governor)